McQuay Parts

McQuay Parts

McQuay Parts is the aftermarket arm of McQuay International. The focus of McQuay Parts is to provide repair parts and upgrades to the existing installed base of equipment. OEM parts are critical to keep equipment performing at maximum efficiency. With government regulations looming and energy costs rising, this is essential for both compliance and the bottom line.

Air Distributors Company is a discount distributor of McQuay Parts. Located in Louisville, KY. We provide all of the parts you need at an affordable price. Our trained and knowledgeable staff can help you identify the parts you need for:

  • McQuay PTAC Units
  • AAF/Herman Nelson Unit Ventilators
  • McQuay Water Source Heat Pumps
  • McQuay Chillers
  • McQuay Air Handlers
  • McQuay Packaged Rooftop Systems
  • Equipment upgrades

The Case for OEM Parts

The question of “why should I use OEM parts if they are more expensive”? We get that question from time to time. Are OEM parts really more expensive? Up front purchase costs are sometimes higher, but there are other factors to consider. Replacing a motor with an OEM replacement gives you the same performance, efficiency, and will be an exact fit. A generic replacement for the same motor may or may not perform as well, provide the same efficiency, and may have to be modified to fit. OEM parts from McQuay are also warrantied for 1 full year from date of purchase. Most generic parts have only 90 day warranties, if any. Now that you know the facts, choose OEM parts for your McQuay HVAC products and save time, money, and maintain performance.

Air Distributors Company, Inc. has been a Factory Authorized McQuay Parts Distributor for over 20 years, serving KY, southern IN, and southern IL. Visit our main site for more information on McQuay Parts, or contact us via our contact page or 800-866-1210.