5 Ways to Save on McQuay HVAC Costs

  1. Periodic cleaning – The coils should be cleaned at least one per year using a commercial coil cleaner. These come in caustic and non-caustic versions. The caustic cleaners contain hydrofluoric acid, so gloves and eye protection are a must.
  2. Change filters – Filters should be changed or cleaned quarterly, more often in dirtier environments. Poor air flow causes the compressor to work harder, at higher pressures, and will eventually lead to a costly failure.
  3. Use Certified McQuay parts – Certified McQuay parts are the same parts used to build your unit originally. Certified McQuay parts keep your equipment performing at peak efficiency and performance.
  4. Power test – Periodic voltage testing at the unit may reveal potential problems such as over/under voltage, high amp draw, etc. Also, if your units use a plug to connect, check to be sure that the plug fits firmly in the receptacle. Check plug for signs of electrical arcing.
  5. Call Air Distributors – When the time comes to replace parts or the entire unit, call Air Distributors. We offer competitive pricing on Certified McQuay parts, same day shipping on in stock parts, and can ship nationwide.

Contact Air Distributors at 800-866-1210, or visit us at http://www.airdistributors.com